wavelab photos + great cover up 2012

Slowly but surely the new album is coming together. We’ve got vocal overdubs finished on most of the tunes, some special guests have come (or are scheduled) to add some extra flava. Jamie’s working his ass off (as usual) composing and building therasynths now so he can carve out a nice chunk of time to mix. This is the most time we’ve taken on a record, but it’s already paying off. Every time we listen back, these little sparkly glints appear in our eyes. But yes, you’ll have to wait a little longer to hear what I’m talking about. To tide you over, here are some images but first, a special Great Cover Up show announcement.

Great Cover Up 2012

If you’re in Tucson next week, do yourself a favor and check out the Great Cover Up showcases. A fundraising benefiting a local musician’s healthcare organization, this is one of the biggest local music events of the year. For good reason: a huge percentage of local bands work and sweat to do justice to 20 minutes of an amazing band. This will be our third time doing this show and it’s always great fun AND a valuable learning experience. We’re supposed to keep mum about which band we’re covering though I’m DYING to tell you. It’s really really cool. I’ve dropped one hint – it starts with “The”. Okay, not much help. I will drop another. This band was really big in the late seventies/early eighties. Nope, that’s all you get, I’ve said too much already. We’ll try to document the set as much as possible and post stuff here for all yall outside of the Sonoran desert. But for the locals, here are your coordinates:

Friday, December 14
Club Congress (at Hotel Congress)
Midnight (but come early! lots of other great bands playing including The Cordials at 10:30!)

But there’s THREE nights (and daytime on Saturday) of amazing music happening at three different venues ($8 for 1 night, $12 for 2 nights, $15 for all 3 days). To take it all in, go to: greatcoveruptucson.com.

Studio Pics

Three months ago, we camped out at Wavelab for a long Saturday to lay down 10 live tracks for our next album. We were extremely lucky that our friend and local rock photographer Rocky Yosek was free to come down and snap some pictures of the process. Life got busy and it took a while before we got our hands on those beautiful photos. Then life got busier and we kept putting off posting the photos. Well, dammit, the time has come because, as per Rocky’s work in general, these pics are too good to keep hidden any longer. So here’s a tasty sampler of that mighty productive (and did I say looooong?) day in September.

Wavelab Fall 2012: Tape Machine

Wavelab Fall 2012: Cristina and Jamie

Wavelab Fall 2012: Jamie

Wavelab Fall 2012: Cristina

Wavelab Fall 2012: Dave

Wavelab Fall 2012: Jeff

Wavelab Fall 2012: Listening Back

Wavelab Fall 2012: Chris Schultz and Jamie