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Great Cover Up Recap

Since it’s a couple of months after the Great Cover Up, I think it’s safe to tell you who we covered (ie, I’ve taken a loooong holiday from posting.) The answer is:

The Pretenders!

Jamie and I have both been a fan of the Pretenders since the 80s – instead of piling bracelets on my arm ala Madonna or teasing my hair up like Tiffany, I dreamed of a cool asymmetrical red leather jacket (okay, I did still tease my bangs – it was the eighties in the suburbs, I have no defense.) It was another rock and roll fantasy to actually play the songs and pretend to be Chrissie Hynde. She is a badass, period. I even got bangs for the occasion. I also moved to rhythm guitar and we pulled in our friend Brian Green to play bass. It was a raucous 20 minute set with Chain Gang, Kid (my absolute favorite song), Watching the Clothes, 2000 Miles (since it was Christmastime) and, of course, Middle of the Road.

Lessons learned: Pretenders songs are a workout! Just twenty minutes left us spent so I can’t imagine how tough it would be to run through a whole concert. Also, the arrangements are stellar – sure they’re rollicking new wave rock, but when you break them down, there’s a lot of complexity and nuance happening. And…again, Chrissie Hynde is a bad ass. The band nailed it – especially Jamie’s blistering guitar and Dave’s scorching harp. It was hot.

Here’s some mementos from the packed house at Club Congress (photos by Tom DiDay and video by Candis DiDay):

Great Cover Up 2013 - Friday night schedule

 Cristina as Chrissie

The Band Rocked It

The Pretendeens!

Gigs, Gigs, Gigs

The holidays are usually pretty slow, which gives us a much-needed break from the constant stream of clubs and beers. But break time is OVER. We kicked off 2013 with an awesome show at PLUSH in early January with Golden Boots and Hey Bucko. But much more coming around the corner. C’mon down and see us sometime

Sat, Feb 9th * PLUSH * w/ Ghostcow and The Tangelos $5

Sat, Feb 23rd * Sky Bar * w/ LACHES * No cover

Sun, Mar 3rd * Barrio Brewing Company * Dog Wash Benefit: Tails and Ales РBenefit for the Humane Society РLocal roller derby queens wash the dogs and we provide the soundtrack  No cover

Sat, Mar 16th * Sail Inn in Tempe * International Pop Overthrow Festival

Stay thirsty, my friends

Cristina Modeena