release recap + summer gigs + online ordering

first, the recap

Wow, what a super night for a release show. It was one of those easy, breezy Tucson nights when, after a day of full-on heat, the sun goes down and everything cools off. Barrio Brewing Company (usually referred to locally as “Barrio”) is one of the better places to spend such an evening. When the IPA Room is open, it’s really open: the whole outer wall is a big ol’ warehouse door  they pull up so you can feel the night air and see the Catalina mountains in the distance with the lights of Tucson in between. It also gives you a front seat to the trains that ride by every so often with that lonesome whistle (also, you can order a Rail Pint for a buck off when those train gates go down – woo!)

We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon setting up – not only did we get to see the vast behind-the-scenes warehouse and brewery, but the staff were just awesome, making sure we had water and drinks and even being the first to buy an Electric Caribou trucker’s hat! Our friends Tom Moore and Cyril Barrett set up fabulous light show and sound (respectively) and turned the restaurant/bar into a Venue! Shrimp Chaperone and Saint Maybe played excellent sets and we had a great crowd of old and new friends coming out to enjoy the music, the evening and the famous Barrio brews. Here are some pics from the night by Rocky Yosek:

El Camino

Dave Harpin'

From backstage

Including an awesome GIF Chris Callahan (Shrimp Chaperone) made of us to give you a real flavor of the show:

The Modeens in MOTION

where to catch us this summer

Here are some fun ways to catch our next live shows – and we’ve already got some new tunes to showcase for ya:

Friday, June 28th @ PLUSH w/ The Prowling Kind and Broken Spoke – $5

Sunday, June 30th @ Porchfest – a fun neighborhood music party in Armory Park from 7-10pm – check out this page for details

Saturday, Aug 10th @ Che’s Lounge – we’re playing all night long for free!

for those of you outside Tucson

If you weren’t able to make it to the release party, no sweat, we got plenty of options for you to get your hands and ears on some Electric Caribou!

Modeens Merch Case

  • Bandcamp – this is our favorite choice – for one thing we make the most money off sales. but also it’s the only online place at the moment where you can get the hats and koozies as well as the physical CD. they offer the album digitally in almost any format you want.
  • iTunes
  • Amazon MP3
  • Google Play

Happy summer to you all and hope these next few months are full of fun and frolic. Electric Caribou could be a mighty fine soundtrack for all that!