last Modeens show of 2012 + rockin photos

October has been Rocktober for The Modeens. We’ve been revving up Tucsonans with our rockingest tunes all month, complete with lots of scary, ghoulish dress up fun (photos below). But now it’s time to hunker down with our new tracks and get ready for this year’s Great Cover Up (we’ve already done The Monkees and […] Read more »

nightmare on congress + meowmeow video

It’s been busy here in Modeens Land. Jamie is slammed with all kinds of composing and devices work but is still working on our tracks from Wavelab (and they are sounding delish! can’t wait to share those in the near future). We’ve already done one Halloween-themed party last week for meowmeow productions (appropriately titled “Bloodbath”) […] Read more »

hocofest 2012 + recording + halloween news

HOCOFest Day One We opened up a little ol Tucson music festival that happens on Labor Day Weekend called HOCO Fest – named as such because it’s put on by HOtel COngress. Now if you haven’t been to Tucson, you probably haven’t heard of Hotel Congress, and you’d be forgiven. But if you ever come […] Read more »

PotLuckCon Rehash + Adventure 8: Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Piano

PotLuckCon Rehash Wow PotLuckCon (otherwise known as the PotLuck Audio Conference) turned out to be an amazing congregation of like-minded “audio nerds” in a gorgeous setting (that El Conquistador Hilton really showcases the beauty of the Sonoran desert with a badass seawater pool!) Jamie could hardly take a potty break from the Chamber of Sounds […] Read more »

potluck con showcase + adventures 5 through 7

More Modeens comics comin’ atcha – but first the gig alert! Potluck Con Showcase at PLUSH Aug 3rd We’re playing for a rad group of engineers, mixers, masterers and manufacturers for this year’s Potluck Audio Conference. Much cool information about it here (click “See More” for the full scoop). If you’re in Tucson this Friday, […] Read more »

3 new adventures + aug 3rd at plush

Hope your summer is rockin’ and rollin’ – here are the latest Modeens 2D Adventures plus a heads up on where you can catch us LIIIIIIVE!! Adventure #3: The Fractured Hip Adventure #4: Deathcart For Clumpy Adventure #5: The Hip Cat Show: Aug 3rd at PLUSH, Potluck Conference showcase We are honored to be headlining […] Read more »

introducing the modeens comic strip + plush june 21st

IN THIS ISSUE: The Modeens Comics! Gig: Plush June 21st with MODRAG and Dutch Holly The Modeens in Thrilling 2D! Jamie’s been supa busy with a new project, The Modeens comics! I’m working on a gallery on our own website but in the meantime you can check out the first adventures here!  Next Show: June […] Read more »

local music love on may 26th

Remember that May 26th gig I said I’d send more deets about? Well, here it is. Saturday, May 26th PLUSH 340 E 6th Street, Tucson Doors open at 8:30pm, we go on at 10:30 pm $5  Other acts on the bill include The Tryst, Key Ingredients of African Soul and Ashbury Every now and again, […] Read more »

united states of america + new COS + plush may 26th

Cool Thing: The United States of America Nope, not the country, but the *band*. Yep, in 1967 a psychedelic rock band called “The United States of America” was formed and recorded one album released in 1968 to sate the growing thirst for underground experimental rock n roll that was being fed by early Velvet Underground, […] Read more »

barrio east + plush this friday for night of the dogstar!

An amazing East Indian door over the stage

Whew, things are changing up in Modeens-lands. Jamie and I are moving into new digs with a special new Chamber of Sounds studio. Photos and more new music to come soon!  Night of the Dogstar Benefit at PLUSH Fri April 20th If you love animals, rock music and scantily clad ladies, have we got the […] Read more »

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