Opening for The Sloths on March 7th

Got some rock n roll history coming to Tucson. The Sloths were one of those awesome LA bands who were too young for their own good and too controversial for their time. You can read about it in this awesome write up from LA Weekly, but the salient point here is we are opening for this blast of garage punk heritage on Saturday, March 7th!

“While squandered legacies and the yoke of mediocrity befall so many once promising players, the return from oblivion by ’65-era Sunset Strip teen thrillers the Sloths rates as big news. Though the band members were only 15-17 when they started off, in their brief run they hit all the critical local go-go’s, including Stratford, Sea Witch, the Whisky, and Pandora’s Box. They split bills with The Doors, Iron Butterfly, Pink Floyd and The Animals. Though it didn’t last, the fact that they have finally gotten back together is nonetheless musically exhilarating.”

The Sloths and The Modeens on March 7th

And this video shows they are anything but sloth-ful: