nightmare on congress + meowmeow video

It’s been busy here in Modeens Land. Jamie is slammed with all kinds of composing and devices work but is still working on our tracks from Wavelab (and they are sounding delish! can’t wait to share those in the near future). We’ve already done one Halloween-themed party last week for meowmeow productions (appropriately titled “Bloodbath”) but there’s more coming up!

nightmare on congress street

The Modeens play Nightmare on Congress Street

We are getting our Halloween ON this Saturday. Those of you who went to Bloodbath last week at the Rialto got a sneak peek at our costumes and some ‘seasonal’ songs. Well, we are tweaking both to put on THE Halloween show of the season – coz the night is gonna be cray-cray.

Club Congress throws a Halloween extravaganza every year called Nightmare on Congress Street and this year we’re part of the festivities.

  • $500 costume contest
  • First annual Club Congress Haunted House!
  • 5 great bands: Brainstorm (Portland), Voodoo Organist (LA), 80’s and Gentlemen, Rcougar and lil ol us
  • Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

Check out the Club Congress page for more details of the night and their own awesome poster (featuring the Creature From the Black Lagoon with a six-shooter – cowboy style of course):

the modeens first featured band of new meowmeow show

That’s right, there’ll be a wacky video of us playing “El Camino” ala those old, early seventies videos, yknow where the band plays in front of a green screen which is then filled in with all kinds of psychedelic visuals. Don’t think there’ll be old oil-and-colored-water montages behind us, but you never know. meowmeow is the evil brainchild of Kitty Kat McKinley and he’s starting a weekly television show (meowmeowTUCSON) to highlight various happenings around the Old Pueblo. Safe to say, much of the show will be Not Safe For Work. We’ll have something to show you soon – but when we do, please don’t show your parents (or our parents for that matter!)

The Modeens get green screen-ed for meowmeow TUCSON

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