new modeen + bandcamp page!

We are mighty pleased to announce a new Modeen brought into the world: our drummer, Jeff DiDay, and his lovely wife Candis are the proud parents of River DiDay as of Nov 2nd!

He’s a bonny one, too: 10 lbs, 6 oz! And just gorgeous to boot. Congratulations Jeff and Candis!

Not quite as monumental but still: we also have a new Bandcamp page! It’s a handy dandy, slightly cheaper way to buy our albums digitally. The interface is sweet so please check it out, “Like” it, share it, all that jazz:

We’re working on selling our Werewolf Attack Tshirts there – but until you then you can still find ’em here! While supplies last!

Since Jeff is a tad busy right now, there won’t be anymore gigs for a few weeks. But we’ll be back in action come December, so stay tuned!