music from the edge of town – part 1!

In this issue:

  • First 3 Tracks of “Music from the Edge of Town”
  • Oh Davy
  • GIG-O-RAMA: 3/12 Barrio Brewing + 3/18 Solar Rock + 3/24 Sky Bar

Music From The Edge of Town

Here it is at last! The first three songs we’ve recorded this year! And the album-in-progress has a name (and a cover) courtesy of a family friend, Miles Stryker, who put it together while listening to the tunes on Bandcamp.  It’s a weird but awesome image (a spaceship is included, which makes us think it might be time for another song about aliens, right?)

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Oh, Davy

I’m not sure how many of you are or were ever Monkees fans. One of the first things Jamie and I bonded over in our early courtship was the television band panned by the critics but that actually had talent and songs. Lots of people diss The Monkees because they were “fabricated”. Well, hate to break it to you, but most bands of that caliber were fabricated. And if you don’t know much about the Monkees, mosey on over to a blog post I wrote dedicated to the shortest Monkee with the biggest heart:


March filled up fast! We have some new venues and then a standby Sky Bar rock show. But they’re cheap or free, so c’mon and hang!

March 12
Barrio Brewing
9pm (night starts at 7pm)
$3 cover
Help us celebrate Tana Kelch’s birthday! W/ Hans Hutchinson

March 18
6th Annual Solar Rock Festival @ Armory Park
11am-4pm (we’re still waiting to find out our time slot)
No cover
Check out this solar-powered festival in the heart of Downtown Tucson!

March 24
Sky Bar
No cover
Back at this fabulous astronomy themed drinking hole on 4th Ave

Catch you on the flip side!

Cristina Modeena