Modeen down!

While we’re excited about our new EP, “Get With The Times”, it’s with a heavy heart that we report our newest Modeen, mad guitar rocker Bill Hustad, had an accident on his scooter and is pretty banged up to say the least. It happened when he was on his way to a Modeens rehearsal a couple of weeks ago when a car cut in front of him while turning and hurled him onto the pavement! The only thing he remembers was opening his eyes and seeing paramedics hovering over him, wondering what the hell was going on. He’s got some broken bones (including a tibia, femur, collarbone, some ribs and *yikes* a wrist) but THANK GOD he was wearing his helmet – so no head injury or internal damage. So he’ll be okay but has a long road of healing and physical therapy to go. It also means he’ll have to take a break from the rockNroll for a while.

He’s still in the hospital but should be coming home next week. So please send your bestest healing vibes, mojo and prayers his way. We’re hoping he’ll be back in guitar-wielding form as soon as possible!!!

Oh, and WEAR YOUR HELMET, folks. It ain’t cool and you’d be a fool to forget that rule!