last Modeens show of 2012 + rockin photos

October has been Rocktober for The Modeens. We’ve been revving up Tucsonans with our rockingest tunes all month, complete with lots of scary, ghoulish dress up fun (photos below). But now it’s time to hunker down with our new tracks and get ready for this year’s Great Cover Up (we’ve already done The Monkees and The Beach Boys – who are we doing next? All I can tell you is it’s another band that starts with “The”. Good hint, huh?)

OH, and guess what? Tucson Weekly has an awesome new music blog called We Got Cactus and they’ve started posting Jamie’s Modeens comics every Friday! It’s chock full of funny, smart and insightful posts about music inside AND outside of Tucson, so make sure to check it out.

But now onto the updates.

Thursday, Nov 8 at La Cocina

Now we’re gearing up for a final Modeens show this Thursday at the beautiful La Cocina Cantina where we’ll be focusing on our kinder, gentler side. Well sorta. We’ll still be making people’s booties shake with El Camino and the like. But we’ll also be serving up the more countrified, groovier songs like: Sonic Daydream, Better Late Than Never and one of my favorites Free My Mind. With indie folkers LACHES and Portland’s When The Broken Bow.

Recent Pictures from Rocktober (with a tiny but of November)

In reverse chronological order, here are some monstrous pics of The Modeens in horrifying action.

First few from the Bloodbath part at Rialto, 11/20/2012 (photos by Tom DiDay and Bob Lee)


Next up are a couple of shots from when we performed at the Nightmare on Congress Street event. I was still dressed as Magenta from Rocky Horror but Jamie went really out there! (First pic by me, others by Bob Lee):

And finally it’s November 1st and we’re DONE with the dressing up – at PLUSH with The Resonars and Bleached. But I still wore a monster tee (couldn’t totally let Halloween go). Photos by Bob Lee:

Hope yall had lots of treats this year, and that you made your voice heard by voting today (or earlier).

Much love and rock,