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Hey, ‘deeners!

Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Enjoying smore mild winter weather here in Tucson. For a year that may or may not include an Apocalypse, things are starting off nice and easy for us. But remember, this is our reward for dealing with summer heat that’ll melt your fingers into your steering wheel, so there’s that. We’re gonna start up some recording soon so there won’t be any new shows until Feb 18th on the EASTSIDE of town – our first venture out there gig-wise – at Dry River Pizza which is a very cool yummy funky spot. But there’ll be more on that another time. Right now got some booty for ya from our recent adventures. Aaaar!!


The Wooden Ball was a blast last Saturday – not only because we got to switch things up and play familiar songs with different instruments, but we introduced some new tunes, and some new “old” tunes, too. There was Jamie’s ode to overindulging called “Drinkin’ Is A Full Time Job (And I’m Working Overtime)” that he wrote a while back in his NYC days. We also added a new sad country song of mine (where I channel Jeff Bridge’s character in Crazy Heart) called “Hard Work”. Here’s a lil’ fuzzy phone photo (from Bob Lee)

The Modeens at the 2012 Wooden Ball

Jamie’s playing my Taylor and I’m playing my ’68 Crown bass (ain’t she sweet?) We recorded the set and it sounded great – but the one I wanted to share with you was the last one – another new/old song of Jamie’s that some of you have heard us do before. But I just loved its ending and double-attack of Dave Prival’s harmonica and keyboards, so you can check it out in the widget at the top of the page or streaming here:

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Back in late November, after our Thanksgiving meal, Jamie and I were chatting and digesting with our good friends Laura Kepner-Adney and Tom Moore and the idea came up of doing a music video party in our living room (which is a pretty unique setting, as you’ll see in a minute). Unlike most chatting-while-digesting sessions, this one had legs and, long story short, it’s become the first episode of a unique music and food show we’re calling “Rockin’ Gourmet”, directed and edited by Tom. This first episode features two side projects of ours: Nightgrilling with The Cleavers and Cocktails with The Cordials. It was a blast to do and we hope to do another one soon. Okay, enough jibber jabber, here it is. If you like it, please pass it around. This ain’t no Rachel Ray show!

That’s all for now kids. Be cool, stay in school!


Cristina Modeena