First Review + April Shows

Had an awesome cd release party – thanks to all yall who came out. It was a blast finally playing the mainstage at PLUSH. Kudos to fellow bands The Monitors and Tracy Shedd – great night!

Got our first review from Gene Armstrong in the Tucson Weekly:

“Here’s a pleasant surprise: a surf-garage-R&B band playing rambunctious rave-ups that don’t blindly parrot 1960s-style music. Instead, The Modeens take a familiar sound, borrow its tropes and motifs, and rework it, throwing in a modern spin.”

Read the whole thing here.

After such an intense period working on the album, we had to take a break. But happy to say, the tunes are in distribution now. You can buy “Take A Ride With The Modeens” in all sortsa places!

For more deets as well as listening to all the tracks from the cd, go to the handy dandy Modeens Music Page:

Next show is coming up Friday at PLUSH opening for the band The Willowz. Cool stuff! $6 in advance and $8 at the door. Read all about it here:

Coming up after is a highly recommended fundraiser for the American Friends Service Committee: Justicepalooza @ The Hut on April 25th with Silver Thread Trio, The El Camino Royales and Tryst.

And big thanks to KXCI for all the spins they’ve been giving our record! It’s one of the best community radio stations in the country so give em a try: 91.3 FM or