do you dare diss the osmonds?

The Osmonds Kung Fu FightingWe just had to point out a very cool event happening tonight in our metropolis to the north, Phoenix – Serene Dominic will be discussing the rockitude of everybody’s favorite white version of the Jackson 5: The Osmonds.

Now before you start screwing up your nose like you smelled something gawdawful – just check out the videos in the article and see how rockin’ those cheesy white boys could be (and Donnie is friggin rockin his little self out on the keyboards!)

The fact that Serene Dominic is giving this talk just adds a whole level of sneering bizarre-ness that we really appreciate. It’s very hard to describe him aptly – so just go to the link and check him out.

Wish we could nerd out in phoenix tonight – but we got rehearsal, so no dice.

Rock on you crazy horses,
The Modeens

Image available from Flickr by Heinrich Klaffs