PotLuckCon Rehash + Adventure 8: Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Piano

PotLuckCon Rehash Wow PotLuckCon (otherwise known as the PotLuck Audio Conference) turned out to be an amazing congregation of like-minded “audio nerds” in a gorgeous setting (that El Conquistador Hilton really showcases the beauty of the Sonoran desert with a badass seawater pool!) Jamie could hardly take a potty break from the Chamber of Sounds […] Read more »

potluck con showcase + adventures 5 through 7

More Modeens comics comin’ atcha – but first the gig alert! Potluck Con Showcase at PLUSH Aug 3rd We’re playing for a rad group of engineers, mixers, masterers and manufacturers for this year’s Potluck Audio Conference. Much cool information about it here (click “See More” for the full scoop). If you’re in Tucson this Friday, […] Read more »