local music love on may 26th

Remember that May 26th gig I said I’d send more deets about? Well, here it is. Saturday, May 26th PLUSH 340 E 6th Street, Tucson Doors open at 8:30pm, we go on at 10:30 pm $5  Other acts on the bill include The Tryst, Key Ingredients of African Soul and Ashbury Every now and again, […] Read more »

united states of america + new COS + plush may 26th

Cool Thing: The United States of America Nope, not the country, but the *band*. Yep, in 1967 a psychedelic rock band called “The United States of America” was formed and recorded one album released in 1968 to sate the growing thirst for underground experimental rock n roll that was being fed by early Velvet Underground, […] Read more »